Fascinoma is focused on becoming one of the main exchange points between local and global quality artists and collectives, as well as the reference point for large format events which retain the intention and ethos of the underground scenes that spawned them.

Since its first edition, Fascinoma has established itself as a platform with a unique curatorial vision. We have had the honour of debuting many of todays most vital electronic and DJ acts in Latin American markets.

We strive for the perfect balance of cult artists that defined DJ culture and newer acts who are pushing the envelope toward new and unexpected horizons.

Press highlights from the first Fascinoma event

The first edition did everything to suggest that Fascinoma is on its way to becoming both a local and international tradition.” [RESIDENT ADVISOR]

The next great event for cult electronica.” [THUMP]

There has not been a festival tailored to dance music connoisseurs that gave a proper content and platform to local acts… until now.” [FORBES]

It is unreal to say that everything was perfect… Fascinoma has done it” [THE BOX NOTE]

We can say that the first edition of Fascinoma was authentic, well curated and absolutely neccessary to establish a new standard for music festivals in Mexico” [THE CITY LOVES YOU]

Do everything you can to join Fascinoma next year.” [FILTER]